New York Mets starting pitcher Noah Syndergaard is the latest player that believes baseball needs to be more entertaining. In an interview with GQ's Clay Skipper, the hurler lamented baseball's "unwritten rules" and said the game needs to be more exciting.

"I think they're pretty stupid, to be honest," Syndergaard said regarding baseball's unwritten rules. "Anything unwritten sounds pretty stupid. I think it's very old school, and I think there needs to be a new-school approach."

He then said the sport is "soft."

"I think baseball has gotten soft, too. I think there should be some more s--t-talking," Syndergaard added. "I agree with what (Trevor) Bauer recently said (about the celebration). He gave up two home runs to (Fernando) Tatis, and Tatis heckled him pretty good. I think that's awesome. I agree with Bauer, that does not warrant somebody to get thrown at."

During a game last month, San Diego Padres star Fernando Tatis Jr. hit a home run off of Trevor Bauer and mocked the Dodgers pitcher  by covering his right eye while rounding the bases -- a callback to something Bauer did on the mound during a spring training game. 

Even after Tatis mocked Bauer, Bauer didn't seem to have a problem with it.

"I like it," Bauer said after the game. "I think that pitchers that have that done to them and react by throwing at people … I think it's pretty soft. If you give up a homer, a guy should celebrate it. It's hard to hit in the big leagues."

Still, Syndergaard's comments may be a tad surprising when it comes to Bauer because there is history between the two. Syndergaard was involved in some Twitter drama with Bauer back in February when Bauer chose the Dodgers over the Mets in free agency.