New York Mets catcher Wilson Ramos and his wife Yeli are expecting the couple's third child. We know this because Yeli took an unusual approach in giving Wilson the news: delivering it during the middle of a game.

With Wilson on deck in the fourth inning of Thursday's contest versus the St. Louis Cardinals, Yeli walked down behind the plate and held up a sign that read: "We're pregnant/Wilson this is your 3rd child/We love you."

Take a look:

Reader, you may question why Yeli chose to inform Wilson while he was at work, or why she felt the need to specify that this was his third child. But we beg you to consume the viral content and then move on to bigger and better things than contemplating What It Means. 

Wilson, by the way, struck out in his at-bat. He's hitting .275/.353/.409 on the season.