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The New York Mets were scheduled to face off against the Colorado Rockies on Friday night, the key word being "were," because there will not be a game Friday night. Due to snow on the field, the game has been postponed. Instead, a doubleheader has been scheduled for Saturday at Coors Field. 

Snow aside, this has been quite the familiar refrain for the Mets this season. 

The Mets were originally scheduled to begin the season like everyone else on April 1, but their opponent, the Nationals, had a COVID-19 outbreak and the series was shut down. It would be a harbinger of things to come for the Mets. They'll head to April 17 with just eight games played. Seven of their originally scheduled 15 games have been postponed (technically last Sunday's game against the Marlins was suspended after it was started and the teams played for nine pitches before getting rained out). 

Eight games played vs. seven games postponed is a remarkable ratio. Eight games played in 16 days, with two of those games being a doubleheader, is pretty rough in a rhythm sport like baseball. There's a reason days off are rare, even in the playoffs. This is a sport meant to be played pretty much every day and the Mets are badly missing out on this front. 

Perhaps the most odd thing about how this has all gone down is the Mets are 5-1 in games ace Jacob deGrom doesn't start while having lost both of his starts. He was set to take the ball Friday, so he'll go in one of the games on Saturday. Bet on a complete (seven-inning) game. Maybe his teammates will even give him run support for a change. 

In the meantime, we can all get a chuckle at how unfortunate the schedule has been to the Mets here in the early going while also acknowledging it probably is screwing with the team's ability to get fully into marathon-season mode.