Mike Tirico does his best John Sterling impression during football game at Yankee Stadium

It's mid-November and we've been without baseball for a while now. But at Yankee Stadium on Saturday, for a fleeting moment, it felt (or at least sounded) like baseball was back.

During the Shamrock Series game between the Notre Dame and Syracuse football teams, Mike Tirico paid tribute to Yankees broadcaster John Sterling with his own version of Sterling's iconic "It is high, it is far, it is gone!" home run call. 

Tirico used Sterling's call for a Notre Dame field goal, replacing "gone" with "good." Take a listen here:

"We gotta do that at Yankee Stadium, John Sterling. I've been sitting on that for 11 months," Tiricio said after the call. 

Not only was the Tirico's play on Sterling's call reminiscent of Yankees baseball, but Notre Dame's football team even wore pinstriped uniforms for their game in the Bronx.

And Yankees play-by-play announcer Michael Kay was at the game, posting a selfie with Sterling.

Man, this has us missing baseball more than usual. Is it March 28 yet?

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