MLB announces playoff shares; Giants get $388K each for World Series win

Winning the World Series is the ultimate goal for just about every player. Heck, winning a championship is the goal for every athlete, regardless of sport. Play to win, otherwise why play?

If you don't win the World Series though, just qualifying for the postseason comes with a lot of perks. Among those perks: thousands of dollars in playoff money. MLB announced the postseason shares for the 10 postseason teams on Monday, with the four LCS squad receiving six-figure payouts:

Losing the World Series stinks, but getting more than $230,000 in postseason money is one heck of a consolation prize if you're the Royals. Even the Pirates and Athletics, who were one and done in the wild-card games, received payments totaling more than $15,000 each.

Yeah, lots of players have millions already in the bank, but not all. These are big paydays for players making close to the minimum, either because they're rookies or journeymen. It's a nice little bonus before the holidays.

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