MLB commissioner Rob Manfred: NL could get DH as soon as 2017

Major League Baseball is holding owners meetings this week, so we'll hear of a few newsworthy items on occasion, such as the trade deadline moving back a whopping 24 hours.

And then there's this:

Given the year-long interleague play, concern by some over pitcher injuries and how bad the NL pitchers in general are at hitting (note that naming an outlier like Madison Bumgarner doesn't change the overall horrifying .133/.160/.171 batting line posted by hurlers last season), it's not all too surprising to see this discussion.

Where it might take some aback would be that it might happen as early as next season.

Now, let's make sure to check the wording here on "could," because that also means "could not" is in play. Also, the next collective bargaining agreement is up next offseason, so that's the next time a possible rule change like this is in play.

So the NL could get the DH before 2017. Or it could after the following CBA. Or the CBA after that.

A certainty, however: If you hate the DH, you might as well force yourself to either 1) be OK with never watching baseball again; or 2) making peace with the upcoming change. It's going to happen. It's only a matter of when.

Edwin Encarnacion and other DHs could be NL-bound soon.
Edwin Encarnacion and other DHs could be NL-bound soon. (USATSI)
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