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The 2019 baseball season has seen far more home runs than in any other season in history. It has shattered the previous record. Heading into Tuesday, there were 6,590 home runs clubbed in 2019. Before this season, the record was 6,105 (2017). The last four seasons have produced four of the top five all-time home run seasons. 

Clearly, something needs to be done because it's spiraling out of control. Several studies have shown there is less drag on the ball these days, which means the ball will carry further than it has in past seasons. 

Commissioner Rob Manfred has at times mentioned the ball is within the proper specifications, but it seems like he's finally gotten enough pressure that he's willing to take a look. Manfred addressed the ball issue in an interview with Forbes, saying MLB is going to take a look at more studies on the ball in the offseason while noting he is open to changes ahead of the 2020 campaign.

"We have reconvened the group of scientists that worked with us before [on the initial study]," he said. "We've asked them to take a fresh look at everything that is occurring with the baseball. We expect to get this new report shortly after the World Series."

"The only thing I'm prepared to say at this point and time is I do think that we need to see if we can make some changes that gives us a more predictable, consistent performance from the baseball."

Going back to the old baseballs would certainly keep more fly balls in play and cut down on the excessive number of long balls. Let's not ignore the strikeout problem, too (MLB keeps setting records for that, too). 

I've been advocating this season to fix the baseballs in tandem with lowering the mound. If home runs and strikeouts get cut down at the same time, there would be a lot more action on the field. 

Regardless, the league shouldn't be hitting 500 more home runs in a season than it ever had before. Hopefully the ball gets addressed sooner rather than later.