MLB Hot Stove: Rays 'will not turn away' from trade involving Longoria, Archer

The Tampa Bay Rays have the potential to be one of the offseason's biggest movers and shakers. Not only do the Rays have starting pitching to move, but they could theoretically make stars like Evan Longoria and Chris Archer available through trade.

Predictably, the cash-strapped Rays are taking an open-minded approach as the winter meetings draw near:

While Tampa Bay's front office always has to have an eye on the future (they can't afford to focus on the present and the present alone), Rays manager Kevin Cash made his feelings clear -- he wants Longoria and Archer to remain in his clubhouse:

Realistically, the odds of a Longoria and/or Archer trade remain slim for the reasons we outlined earlier in the winter:

Both players are going to draw interest because they're quality contributors on sub-market deals, but neither is likely to get traded because -- get this -- they're quality contributors on sub-market deals. Obviously there's a chance some team -- perhaps even the Braves -- offers a Shelby Miller-like package for Archer -- or offers to take on Longoria's contract in whole while sending some top-flight talent back. But shy of that, the Rays have no incentive to make a move just to make a move.

Even so, the Rays are going to continue listening to potential deals -- and we're going to continue writing about them.

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