Over the last few weeks, the biggest name on the trade market has been Twins second baseman Brian Dozier. The 29-year-old slugged 42 home runs in 2016, most ever by an AL second baseman, and he's owed a mere $15 million from 2017-18. It's easy to understand why teams want him.

According to an MLB Network report, Minnesota's trade talks involving Dozier are expected to resolve one way or the other within the next week.

The Dodgers have been connected to Dozier more than any other team, and they're said to be willing to include top pitching prospect Jose De Leon in a trade to get him. Surely it would take more than just De Leon to land Dozier, however. The Giants and Cardinals have been connected to Dozier as well, though I get the feeling those clubs are being used to drive up the price for Los Angeles.

Brian Dozier trade talks could soon be coming to an end. USATSI

The Twins have a new front office and are in the middle of a deep rebuild, which is the kind of thing that happens when you've lost 90-plus games five times in the last six years. Minnesota went 59-103 in 2016. No other club lost more than 94 games. Yikes. When you're in that situation, it only makes sense to gauge trade interest in all your players.

Dozier is, by far, the team's top trade chip, and it's hard to think his value will get any higher than it is right now. He's sign affordably for another two years and he's coming off what will very likely be a career year. As painful as it would be, trading Dozier now would be the best move for the Twins long-term.