Baseball always has to have a walking trade rumor. A player whose availability is reported every few weeks on a seemingly endless loop until they're moved. Justin Upton used to occupy the position, then David Price.

Now? The spot belongs to Los Angeles Dodgers outfielder Yasiel Puig, who just authored a disappointing season by hitting .263/.323/.416 with 11 home runs. The latest reminder that Puig is on the trading block came on Monday, via Andy McCullough of the Los Angeles Times:

Over the weekend, we wrote about why Puig could be a bargain. Here's the meat:

While Yasiel Puig's tweets often feature the aw-shucks feel of a sitcom dad, he's been involved in too much drama over the years to be viewed as a literal angel or anything of the sort. Rather, his wild-child tendencies are why he's expected to be made available in the first place. Even so, the potential is hard to pass on. Puig has shown an impressive, near-elite breadth of tools in the past. He's hit for average and power, he's an asset in right field with a ridiculous arm, and he can run a bit, too. Add in how Puig isn't yet 26 years old, and how he's three full seasons away from free agency, and there's a ton -- a ton -- of appealing aspects here. And yet, if the Dodgers are willingly giving Puig away -- or, at minimum, settling for coins on the dollar -- then you have to wonder whether the headache is really worth it. Someone's going to find out.

Puig's name had previously been connected to the White Sox, among other teams. But with Chicago inching toward its own rebuild, there's no telling whether they remain interested. Back during the summer, we highlighted other teams who could use Puig.

Whether it's with one of those teams or another, Puig still seems likely to find himself wearing a different uniform by the time the 2017 season begins.