MLB Hot Stove Rumors: Giants, Tigers reportedly talking J.D. Martinez trade

We know the Tigers are looking to shed veterans in exchange for controllable young talent, and we know the contending Giants need an upgrade in the outfield. That brings us to this bit of scuttle regarding slugging Detroit outfielder J.D. Martinez ...

Martinez, 29, is coming off a 2016 season in which he batted a highly productive .307/.373/.535 with 22 home runs and 35 doubles in 120 games. Since making changes to his swing on Detroit's watch, Martinez in three seasons has authored an OPS+ of 145 while averaging 34 homers per 162 games played. Martinez is owed $11.75 million for the upcoming season, and he'll be eligible for free agency next offseason.

Given the relatively modest cost involved, Martinez should net a healthy return. The question is whether the Giants, who don't presently have a strong farm system, can conjure up the young talent necessary to land an impact power hitter like Martinez. They definitely have the need, though. Angel Pagan's a free agent, and right now the Giants are likely poised to open the season with Jarrett Parker as their regular left fielder.

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