With each passing day, it becomes more and more clear reigning NL MVP Giancarlo Stanton does not want to join the San Francisco Giants or St. Louis Cardinals. The two clubs reportedly have trades worked out with the Miami Marlins, but Stanton's no-trade clause is holding things up. If he wanted to be a Giant or Cardinal, he probably would be already.

It is not surprising, then, that Ken Rosenthal of The Athletic reports Stanton does not want to join the Giants or Cardinals, but is open to joining the New York Yankees and, of course, his hometown Los Angeles Dodgers. The Chicago Cubs and defending World Series champion Houston Astros are reportedly on his approved list as well.

Rosenthal notes neither the Dodgers nor Yankees have yet to seriously engage the Marlins about a Stanton trade, though he hears from one rival executive the Yankees are "willing to make a substantial investment, but not do something stupid."

It is possible interest could pick up next week at the Winter Meetings. The Dodgers were focused on landing Shohei Ohtani before he agreed to sign with the Angels and the Yankees just wrapped up their managerial search, so both clubs have been preoccupied of late. Neither the Cubs nor Astros have been shown interest in Stanton yet, as far as we know.

The Yankees already have five outfielders for three spots and they're trying to get under the $197 million luxury tax threshold, meaning it would take some creativity to land Stanton and his massive contract. Would the Marlins take Jacoby Ellsbury back as part of a trade package to offset salary? The bigger question is whether Ellsbury would approve the trade.

Coming into the offseason my hunch was there was no way we would get through the Stanton trade rumor cycle without the Dodgers and Yankees (and Cubs) getting involved at some point. While those teams have yet to show serious interest in Stanton, that's something that could change in an instant, especially now that those teams know he'll approve a trade to join them.