MLB moving up game times for final day of season

The final night of the regular season this year won't be like the final night last year.

For one thing, it won't be a final night. In most if not all cases, it will be a final day.

Because of the added wild card and the tight schedule to fit in the new play-in games, teams are moving their Oct. 3 games to early or late afternoon.

The Mariners, for example, have switched their game against the Angels from a 7:10 local time start to 3:40 p.m. The Diamondbacks have moved their game with the Rockies up to a 4:10 local start.

According to the schedule posted on, nine of the 15 games have already been moved up, with start times ranging from 12:35 for Braves-Pirates in Pittsburgh to 4:10 starts in Miami and Arizona.

By playing earlier games on the final day, MLB will give teams a chance to travel to possible tie-breaker games that would be held the following day (with the play-in games to follow).

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