The first full day of the 2019 MLB regular season is nearly here. The Athletics and Mariners already kicked things off in Japan last week, but, on Thursday, every single team will be in action. Opening Day should be a holiday. It really should be.

Anyway, with the new season on the horizon, MLB released a fun new hype video with stars (Mike Trout, Aaron Judge, Giancarlo Stanton, Alex Bregman, Shohei Ohtani, Christian Yelich and more) from around league one-upping each other and doing some trash talking. Check it out:

As you may remember, MLB released a similar #LetTheKidsPlay hype video before the 2018 postseason. This one didn't come with the amazing Ken Griffey Jr. reveal, but it was still fun nonetheless. It also serves as one more reason to get excited for Opening Day.

Let the kids play indeed. Baseball is better when players get to be themselves.