The spread of the novel coronavirus has, at minimum, delayed the start of the Major League Baseball season. The season might eventually get underway later this year, albeit in an altered form than that of which we're accustomed to seeing. Unfortunately, the delay meant that Wednesday came and passed without the league being able to celebrate Jackie Robinson Day on the field, the way it has every April 15 dating back to 2005.

Robinson, of course, broke baseball's color barrier on April 15, 1947 as a member of the then-Brooklyn Dodgers. His story of courage and perseverance has been told time and again, and it should continue to be highlighted and elevated as a triumph of the human spirit, as well as the correction of a longstanding moral injustice. 

Although the league couldn't celebrate Robinson with any on-the-field ceremonies or have players wear his No. 42, plenty of players took to social media to share their appreciation for him and his sacrifices. Let us amplify their voices by sharing some of the most notable and touching of the bunch.

First up, Mookie Betts and David Price, each of whom now play for the Dodgers:

Curtis Granderson, who recently retired but was also once a member of the Dodgers, paid homage to Robinson by quoting him and posting a picture of himself with a Robinson photo:

Chicago White Sox shortstop Tim Anderson, meanwhile, took time to discuss Robinson's life and impact with children from the team's ACE program -- that stands for Amateur City Elite, and the goal is to keep the youngsters away from "inner-city dangers and provide them with the skills and opportunities to succeed both on the field and in life."

Niko Goodrum of the Detroit Tigers showed off the mural at his home that features numerous important and inspiring figures:

San Diego Padres outfielder Tommy Pham made sure that people knew he would be honoring Robinson by wearing special cleats whenever baseball was permitted to resume:

We'll end with now-retired left-hander CC Sabathia, who shared his thoughts along with a clip of Robinson stealing home:

Clearly Robinson remains admired throughout the league, as he should. Here's hoping MLB gets the opportunity to honor him as he deserves some point later this year.