MLB players react to Aurora, Colorado shootings

Investigators examine the scene of the Aurora, Colorado shootings. (Getty Images)

As you have no doubt learned by now, a gunman walked into an Aurora, Colorado movie theater on Thursday night and began shooting as many innocents as he could. At last count, 12 are dead and many, many more wounded.

Among the murdered is Jessica Gwahi, a sports journalist who seemed bound for great things.

As news of the tragedy spread, many major-league players took to Twitter to offer up whatever words they could. Here are the first thoughts of Rockies' outfielder Dexter Fowler

What can you really say, though? An act of evil and cowardice has taken at least a dozen lives and ruined countless others. It's senseless beyond our words and a grim reminder of the awful things of which people are capable.

So what do you wish for after something like this? You wish that it had never happened. Failing that, you wish that this diseased murderer, had he been determined to snuff out the living, could've summoned the decency to take his own life rather than cut down so many blameless strangers.

And then what?

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