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Baseball is officially back, sort of. While there's still a month left until the 2020 MLB season officially begins, and so much can happen in that time frame with regards to a global pandemic that won't have a vaccine until at least the end of this calendar year, the league and the Players Association came to an agreement on a 60-game season to be played for this year.

Will there be bumps in the road? Almost certainly, as the Rockies already have had three players test positive for coronavirus. Is there anything that will help this season reach any semblance of what normalcy once felt like? Almost certainly not. Games that go into extras will start with a runner on second base beginning in the 10th inning, divisional play will be a lot more heavily featured, there will be a trade deadline one month into the restart, and the league is offering unsigned players $400 a week to live in Nashville in employment limbo.

But the players' short-term desires have been kind of answered, at least. When the union rejected ownership's proposal for a 72-game season that would involve more pay cuts than previously agreed upon, players came out in full force to say they were ready to play. Unsurprisingly, those same players are now excited to get back to the game they love.