MLB Playoffs 2016: Updated World Series projections, odds, probabilities

On Sunday, the league championship round inched closer to completion, with the Dodgers evening their series with the Cubs at one apiece. As such, this is an opportune time to check in on World Series odds.

Per SportsLine, here are the chances for each playoff team to win the LCS and World Series, sorted by World Series championship chances:

Team Win LCS Win WS
Cleveland Indians 72.6% 31.5%
Chicago Cubs 54.3% 30.6%
Los Angeles Dodgers 45.7% 25.8%
Toronto Blue Jays 27.4% 12.1%

Predictably, given they hold a 2-0 advantage in their series, the Indians are now at the top in both categories. The Dodgers, meanwhile, obviously upped their likelihood with Sunday's victory.

Game 3 of the ALCS is in Toronto Sunday evening. We'll see what happens, and how it causes these odds to fluctuate.

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