MLB playoffs: 2018 World Series betting odds, projections for Red Sox, Astros, Dodgers, Brewers

With both LCS matchups set, Westgate has put together the updated World Series odds for the four remaining postseason clubs. Here are the latest betting lines:

  • Houston Astros: 2/1
  • Boston Red Sox: 9/4
  • Los Angeles Dodgers: 3/1
  • Milwaukee Brewers: 4/1

For the novices out there, 9/4 odds means you have to bet $4 to win $9.

Now here, via SportsLine, are each remaining team's LCS and World Series projections:

65% 34.4%
56.5% 31.5%
43.5% 22.6%
35% 11.5%

So who wins every playoff game? And which teams are a must-back? Visit SportsLine now to get MLB Playoff picks from the proven model that simulates every game 10,000 times, and find out.

Right now, the SportsLine Projection Model leans toward a Dodgers-Red Sox World Series. Most observers will likely favor the Astros over the Red Sox (despite the latter's 108 win in the regular season) in the ALCS, but the sims don't see it that way. SportsLine has long been bullish on the Dodgers, and that hasn't changed. The small-market Brewers, meantime, are longshots, at least by the standards of LCS participants are concerned. 

Needless to say, television rightsholders would be mighty pleased with an L.A.-Boston Fall Classic, and right now SportsLine sees it shaking out that way. 

The rest of the LDS games will air on FS1, TBS and MLB Network. Games on TBS and FS1 can be streamed on fuboTV (Try for free). For a look at the complete schedule, click here

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