MLB postseason TV ratings up 9 percent so far

Huge plays in big markets may have helped TV ratings to spike this postseason.
Huge plays in big markets may have helped TV ratings to spike this postseason. (USATSI)

It's October, which means lots of football, leaves changing color, the Major League Baseball playoffs and a certain segment of the media screaming about how "baseball is dying" or "baseball is no longer the national pastime."

The problem with the narrative is that everyone with a brain knows the NFL is king of the sports world and that baseball is more than healthy -- having turned a $7 billion-plus profit last season and turning in its sixth-highest attendance ever this season.


Yeah, the NFL laughs at numbers like those, but, again, there's no comparison. I'm under no illusion that baseball even comes close to competing with the popularity of football. A 9 percent increase, though, is great news for MLB -- especially considering how many hard-core fans watch games on instead of an actual TV.

Another thing that bears mention here: Baseball has become a regional sport. That is, pretty much every NFL fan is going to watch every postseason game while many baseball fans (non-hardcore division) would only watch games involving their favorite team.

But, sure, go ahead with your narrative of baseball dying a slow death. Whatever works.

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