We still have a touch less than a month in the regular season, but one can't help but start peering toward October. It's close enough, I'm excited, so let's have a look. Here's how the path to a World Series championship could look for a handful of top-notch teams:

Red Sox

A healthy Chris Sale and the dominant versions of David Price and Rick Porcello give the Red Sox a ridiculous rotation to match their insane lineup that already leads the AL in runs, average, OBP, slugging and more. The Mookie Betts/J.D. Martinez combo does things that place them in New England lore alongside David Ortiz, Larry Bird and Tom Brady. 


We just saw it, right? Justin Verlander plays ace, but now Gerrit Cole is along for the ride. Jose Altuve, George Springer, Carlos Correa and company light the fire, but now the sparkplug is MVP candidate Alex Bregman


The rotation keeps pitching like it is now, with Game 1 starter Cole Hamels (who would've thought?) leading the way. Brandon Morrow returns healthy and in shut-down mode while the offense is spurred by Daniel Murphy (who would've thought?), Bryzzo and house-hold name -- come late October -- Javier Baez


Aaron Judge, Didi Gregorius and Aroldis Chapman get healthy and right just in time for the postseason, just as Gary Sanchez starts to hit like it's 2016 and Andrew McCutchen thinks it's 2014. Luis Severino pitches like it's the first half of 2018 and CC Sabathia looks like it's the second half of 2008. 


Vintage Kershaw, Vintage Jansen, Vintage Turner, you know the drill. But there's a twist! It's Julio Urias, serving as a game-changing, multi-inning relief laser. 


Good starting pitching from the unlikely sources, Blake Treinen being the freaking Terminator in the late innings and bombs. Lots of bombs. Let's say Khris Davis sets some records, in fact. 


High fun factor here with the offense, notably Ronald Acuna and Ozzie Albies along with the steady presence of Freddie Freeman in his first-ever deep playoff run. Lots of people learn how to spell Foltynewicz and then the Jonny Venters story gets the national run it deserves. 


Trevor Bauer and Andrew Miller are healthy and on top of their games, Corey Kluber is the top version of the Klubot, Jose Ramirez is Jose Ramirez, Francisco Lindor is Francisco Lindor and a shot in the arm comes from Vintage Josh Donaldson, pummeling pitches like it's 2015. 


Christian Yelich and Lorenzo Cain form one of the best 1-2 punches in postseason memory, more people start calling Jesus Aguilar "Babe" and the bullpen straight dominates. 


Who would've thought a Miles Mikolas/Jack Flaherty combo would dominate? Get acquainted with Harrison Bader and Marcell Ozuna, casual fans. Oh, and Matt Carpenter. Salsa. You know it. 

This is fun, right? Feel free to keep going on your own, but I gotta rank ... 

Biggest Movers
6 Dodgers
3 Rockies
1 Red Sox They were swept by the Rays before beating up the Marlins and then splitting a series with the White Sox. Still, being 50 games over .500 and having the best record in baseball by 7 1/2 games keeps them here with ease. -- 76-80
2 Astros Big series win over the A's, especially since it was at home (the Astros were only four games over .500 going into that series). -- 86-71
3 Yankees Um, 3-4 at home against the White Sox and Tigers? That's a rough week. -- 79-77
4 Cubs The Cubs have now won 10 of their last 12. 1 82-74
5 Athletics The Week of Missed Opportunities. 1 48-108
6 Dodgers And just like that, three one-run wins over Arizona, wins in eight of nine games and first place. 6 96-59
7 Brewers Is their mini-funk in the rearview? The Brewers have won nine of 13. 4 88-68
8 Cardinals 22-6 in August, 0-2 in September. 2 68-88
9 Guardians So much October upside, so many question marks. 2 74-83
10 Braves Ronald Acuna in his last 34 games: .356/.419/.750(!) with eight doubles, a triple and 14 homers. Mercy. 2 100-56
11 Diamondbacks Clay Buchholz's ERA is down to 2.05. 2 82-74
12 Rays That's wins in 11 of their last 13 games. Remarkable what is going on here. 1 95-62
13 Rockies Twelve games over .500 with a negative-15 run differential is quite the trick. 3 56-99
14 Phillies They still just don't look right. The Phillies are 8-15 since Aug. 7. -- 87-69
15 Mariners It's kind of depressing to map out a future here. -- 84-72
16 Giants It would be kind of depressing to map out a future here if the Giants didn't have three relatively recent World Series titles. 1 78-79
17 Nationals They went 20-7 in May and are still a game under .500. 1 69-88
18 Pirates Boy, that 11-game winning streak through the heart of July really did the franchise a lot of good, no? -- 74-82
19 Angels Shohei Ohtani's arm is unfortunately broken. Do the surgery, have him be a full-time position player next year and then revisit pitching after. 1 70-87
20 Twins The Byron Buxton situation makes me hang my head. 1 83-73
21 Mets Since Aug. 5, the only series the Mets have lost was at the Cubs. -- 71-85
22 Rangers Raise your hand if you had Shin-Soo Choo and Rougned Odor leading the team in WAR. (No, put it down because you're lying). 1 88-68
23 Reds The season being put together by Eugenio Suarez is a thing of beauty. 1 80-77
24 Blue Jays Getting swept by the Orioles deserves some sort of special punishment. Pathetic. 2 87-69
25 White Sox Look at these White Sox, will ya? They've won 13 of their last 19 and just went 4-3 against the Yankees and Red Sox. 1 60-96
26 Marlins As we've noted before, Brian Anderson is underrated and having a very good season. 1 81-75
27 Padres We have a Luis Urias home run in the books! Kudos to the Padres for bringing him up, by the way, instead of playing the service time game. 1 77-80
28 Tigers Anyone noticing the Vintage Victor of late? He's hitting .320/.354/.493 in his last 21 games. 1 73-83
29 Royals The Royals had a chance to lay down with three head-to-head losses against the Orioles, in hopes of getting the top draft pick. Instead they showed up. For shame. -- 54-102
30 Orioles Pitiful, but that sweep over the Jays! -- 97-59