MLB responds after Wiz Khalifa endorsed legalizing marijuana during first pitch

On Wednesday night at PNC Park, rapper and Pittsburgh native Wiz Khalifa threw out the ceremonial first pitch. Here's a photographic image of one moment in particular ... 

MLB: Baltimore Orioles at Pittsburgh Pirates
Charles LeClaire / USA TODAY Sports

The first thing that jumps out is that Khalifa appears to be going with a changeup grip. The second thing one might observe is that he's brandishing both a t-shirt and gesture that would seem to promote the intake of wholesome, restorative doobage. All of this stands to reason. After all, one does not associate with Mr. Khalifa unless one consents in advance to being Khalifa'd. 

Nonetheless, for reasons sufficient to someone positioned astride the fainting couch at HQ, MLB released a statement -- all official and stuff -- regarding what you see above ... 

Presumably, "probated" should be "prohibited." 

If the world feels a little safer today, a little more virtuous, know that it has nothing to do with a sports league's issuing an official statement about a grown man pretending to smoke marijuana. 

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