MLB super agent Scott Boras says the Marlins have turned into a 'pawn shop'

The Marlins under Bruce Sherman and Derek Jeter obviously have no interest in investing in their product and building a contender around what was, not so long ago, a solid enough roster. That was most apparent with the Giancarlo Stanton trade that in essence involved getting out from under what was, truth be told, a reasonable contract. Then came the reported Marcell Ozuna-to-the-Cardinals swap that appears to have netted Miami a reasonable return. All of this, though, has led super-agent Scott Boras to make an observation about the club that's pretty on-point. Via Jerry Crasknick of ESPN, here's what Boras had to say about the Marlins

"You would hope that [with] ownership -- new ownership -- that MLB would screen the ownership, so that we have an ownership that comes in and provide additions. ... [Instead], they come in and they redirect, so you're not a jewelry store that's coveting your diamonds. You now become a pawn shop that is trying to pay the rent of the building. ...

"I think major league markets are damaged by that. I think it's disappointing for players who grew up with one another. You always hear people talk about development and growing in an organization. That process was exhibited and functioning at a high level in Miami, and it was basically redirected due to debt service -- paying off the purchase price for the ownership, as opposed to giving that fan base something to look forward to.''

The Marlins probably aren't done. Maybe Christian Yelich is next to go, or maybe it's someone else. At some point, it would be nice if prospective owners were required to, you know, have enough cash on hand to properly run the business. Really, though, this has been a Marlins thing since the days of Wayne Huizenga. They've run the club as a portfolio holding, and they've neglected their paying customers at nearly every turn. Yes, the Marlins are like a pawn shop, but that's not a new condition. Thus far, Sherman and Jeter have been terrible owners, which, in Miami, is hardly a point of distinction. 

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