Major League Baseball, led by commissioner Rob Manfred, is continuing its quest to quicken the pace of games, notably those that net the most eyeballs. The latest news on this front comes from an Associated Press report, which says that MLB would like to start both halves of the 11th inning and each ensuing inning with a runner on second base. 

The rule would also be used in spring games, per the report. 

This is similar to what happens in the World Baseball Classic. 

Now, before everyone goes freaking out, it should be noted that the AP reports MLB is not considering using this rule in any regular-season or postseason games. 

Of course, experimentation can lead to implementation. Those averse to such a change in Major League Baseball probably have reason to be concerned here, unless the average game time finds its way back under three hours (it was 3:05 last season). If the players can work fast enough to get the average time under three hours and keep it there, the hunch is Manfred backs off further alterations to the game. 

Among the changes we'll see in the upcoming two years will be a pitch clock and limits on all mound visits. We now have reason to believe MLB will eventually look into giving games that go to extras a little nudge in getting to the conclusion.