MLB will reportedly investigate the leak of Shohei Ohtani's elbow injury

Earlier this week word got out Japanese two-way star and new Angels player Shohei Ohtani has a first-degree sprain his pitching elbow, which essentially means he has a small tear in his ulnar collateral ligament. Small UCL tears can often be managed. Larger tears require Tommy John surgery. Ohtani received a preventative platelet-rich plasma injection in the elbow earlier this winter.

It is important to note Ohtani and his representatives disclosed the elbow issue to all 30 MLB teams before the recruited process started. They were given access to his medical records, and since basically every single team pursued him anyway, the injury is not a major concern. At least not enough to scare teams away from a 23-year-old potential superstar.

MLB does not like that Ohtani's injury became public, however, and they're going to investigate the leak to find out how it got to reporters.

Teams release medical information about their players all the time -- there are guidelines in the collective bargaining agreement explaining what can and should be released -- but leaking medical information about another team's player? That's a serious no no.

Long story short, MLB's concern here is that a team that lost out on Ohtani held a grudge, and decided to make life miserable for the Angels by leaking the elbow injury. That is a bad, bad look, if that is indeed what happened. MLB will investigate the leak and, if necessary, hand down punishment. That situation is fairly unprecedented, however, so it's unclear what the punishment could be.

Othani was officially posted by the Nippon Ham Fighters on Dec. 1, and a week later he agreed to sign with the Angels. They will pay him a $2.3 million bonus as per the international hard cap rules. He will earn the league minimum in 2018 and remain under team control for six seasons like every other rookie.

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