pulls failed attempt at Roy Halladay bobblehead

I feel like this should be one of those video games in a bar where you try to find all the mistakes, using a touch screen to circle them.

Anyway, Thursday morning Phillies-centric blog Zoo With Roy posted a picture of the massive fail that was's attempt at a "Roy Halladay" bobblehead. Quotes are there for a reason ... Look:

So let's sort this out. He's evidently left-handed? But still uses a left-leg kick while facing the wrong way? The face isn't even remotely in the ballpark (Zoo With Roy likened it to Billy Bob Thornton, which I'm on board with), nor is the facial hair, and Doc has apparently died his hair jet black.

But, hey, they did spell his name correctly, get the right number and put him on the Phillies. So there's that.

As the photo of the "Halladay" bobblehead circulated, someone must have alerted the authorities, because the shop page that once displayed this item now gives an error message. Yep, it's been pulled. But, thanks to Zoo With Roy, we still have the picture saved in time. God bless Al Gore's Internet.

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