MLBPA head Tony Clark rips rumored free agent contract specifics, says they come from 'obvious agenda'

For the second consecutive offseason, free agency has been incredibly slow and this time around, it feels like far too many contending teams with deep pockets are sitting out. We've started to see some grumbles from players like Jake Arrieta, Justin Verlander and Christian Yelich on Twitter and it obviously goes much deeper than simply those three. It's going to get worse before it gets better unless all the free agents magically sign within the next week for what the players deem fair market value. 

MLBPA executive director Tony Clark got involved Tuesday, too: 

Reports such as the one Clark mentions -- from Jon Heyman of Fancred -- generally come from members of a front office, agents or people working at an agency. Scouts likely know what teams are interested in what players but wouldn't get dollar figures. Some stuff could come from the players themselves, but absolutely nothing could be gained from spreading rumors of what is considered a lowball offer. 

No, in this case, the rumors are overwhelmingly likely coming from front offices -- because that is the group that benefits from these reports -- and that is why the MLBPA would be angry. 

As noted, it's only going to get worse with the players now being squeezed at both ends of their careers

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