Morris: A Verlander-Lackey Game 7 might have been just like '91

BOSTON -- Jack Morris was hoping for Game 7.

Of course he was. And not just because he spent most of his career with the Tigers.

Jack Morris wanted Game 7 in this American League Championship Series because he thought it could be like his Game 7.

"I really thought it could be 0-0 through nine," Morris said on the field at Fenway Park, after the Red Sox clinched the ALCS with a 5-2 win in Game 6. "I think it could have been something special."

Morris' Game 7, for the Twins in the 1991 World Series against John Smoltz and the Braves, was 0-0 through nine innings. Morris pitched a scoreless 10th-inning, too, and the Twins won the World Series on Gene Larkin's single off Alejandro Pena.

There was never a Game 7 like it before, and there hasn't been one since. But Morris truly believes that Justin Verlander and John Lackey would have been capable of repeating it.

"I wanted to see it," he said. "I wanted to see [Verlander], and I thought Lackey was up to the task."

While Morris has strong ties to the Tigers, he also knows this Red Sox team well, after spending 2013 broadcasting games for the Blue Jays and watching the Sox win the AL East.

"They remind me a lot of our '84 [Tiger] team," he said. "They have some stars, but they're not built on one big star. They grind and grind. And they never went through a bad stretch."

But the '84 Tigers were coming off a 1983 season in which they almost won. The 2013 Red Sox were coming off 93 losses.

"I've been on that team, too," Morris said. "The '91 Twins. Worst to first."

The Twins finished it off with a Game 7 for the ages, pitched by Morris.

A game just like the one Jack Morris had hoped to see Sunday night.

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