A good craftsman never blames his tools, but this principle doesn't apply when the inanimate object in question is being a stupid, lame-o jerk face at precisely the wrong time. Thus the Nationals grounds crew is granted dispensation because, upon the occasion of a Sunday rain shower during the Nats' Sunday home tilt against the Orioles, the Nationals Park tarp decided to act like a big dummy blockhead moron. 

Here, get a load of this guy: 

This scribe is not particularly adept at diagnosing tarp system failures, but it appears that it was rolled up incorrectly. That would explain the 10 minutes of waterlogged indignity suffered by the grounds crew. Or maybe that's not what happened. Like I said -- not a tarp expert. 

In any event, the rain had pretty much subsided by the time the tarp decided to cooperate, and the infield was pretty much a riverbed by that point. Doubtless, brand new, previously unheard profanities were uttered by those tasked with unfurling that thing. 

All of this went down in the sixth inning with the Orioles leading 5-2. Likely, this merely delays an Orioles sweep of the struggling Nats. That's because, per MLB rules, the game has been suspended and will be resumed Friday in Baltimore with the Nats serving as the home team for remainder of the game. 

Not invited to that resumption in Baltimore? The Nats' huge idiot tarp, that's who.