New Billy Corben documentary 'Screwball' explores MLB's steroid years and Alex Rodriguez case

Billy Corben, the acclaimed documentary filmmaker behind "Cocaine Cowboys" and ESPN's 30 for 30 "The U," is back with a new film that combines his two most familiar subject matters: Drugs and sports. "Screwball,"  which focuses on baseball's Steroid Era, will have its premiere on Saturday at Doc NYC, a documentary festival. 

One of the centerpieces of Corben's new film is Alex Rodriguez, who has somehow managed to become popular since his retirement from baseball. According to For The Win, the documentary will look into A-Rod's PED saga, including what happened after the 2009 press conference in which he admitted to using PEDs. It also looks into Rodriguez trying to overturn his suspension, and the lengths he went to do it.

However, Corben isn't trying to slander Rodriguez with the film.

"Our effort isn't to remind everyone what an a-- (Rodriguez) is," Corben told For The Win. "It's just to tell the truth in what happened in the story."

With that being said, Corben's comments make it clear it won't be painting Rodriguez in a favorable light.

"I'm certain that this is a documentary that MLB and A-Rod would rather you not see, I'm certain of that," he added.

The story also dives into the stories of Manny Ramirez and Ryan Braun, two other stars who were busted and suspended, but the real draw lies in the narrative structure. Corben borrowed from the popular series "Drunk History" by his own admission, in which famous actors lip-sync stories told through the lens of a very drunk person. It's hilarious, worth your time, and sports a lot of star power (and it has some NSFW language). Only Corben used kids to recreate the words of the main subjects of the story: Tony Bosch (Biogenis founder/owner and fake doctor) and Porter Fisher, a Floridian.

It's a brilliant clip, and if Corben's previous work is any indication, this should be a great story.

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