New White Sox GM Rick Hahn trades Kenny Williams' son

New White Sox GM Rick Hahn is ... rather bold. (AP)

Normally, a trade that swaps White Sox veteran minor-league outfielder Ken Williams Jr. for Rockies veteran minor-league 1B/OF Mark Tracy wouldn't be very notable [via Dan Hayes, CSN Chicago]. In this instance, though, the back-story is the story. 

Williams, you see, is the son of former White Sox GM Ken Williams, who was recently promoted to a higher executive position within the organization. So the younger Williams was traded by the elder Williams' replacement and longtime underling, new White Sox GM Rick Hahn. An interesting dynamic, to say the least. 

While the elder Williams is nothing but a professional, it must have been a rather challenging subject for Hahn to broach. "So, um, Ken. About that fine, young son of yours ... "

And you thought the Jake Peavy re-signing was the boldest move of Hahn's young tenure

Of course, it's possible that these trade discussions predate Hahn's ascension to the job, but it's not often you see a new GM trade his predecessor's kid ... especially when his predecessor is still around in a more powerful capacity. 

The other wrinkle? Mark Tracy is the son of former (and very recently deposed) Rockies manager Jim Tracy. 

Ours may be a small world, but baseball is an infinitesimal one.

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