'No plans' to remove home-run sculpture from Marlins Park, Miami-Dade County says

An open question during Derek Jeter's brief reign as partial owner of the Miami Marlins has been what will happen to the home-run sculpture stationed beyond the left-center field wall.

Jeter is said to dislike the sculpture, crafted by Red Grooms and formally known as Homer (or, informally, the Dinger Machine). Shedding the sculpture has proven difficult, however, since it technically belongs to Miami-Dade County rather than the Marlins or former owner Jeffrey Loria.

Miami-Dade County director of cultural affairs Michael Spring provided an update. Long story short, it seems like nothing is brewing, per CBS Miami:

"There are no plans to move it at the moment," Spring said. "Everyone would love for there to be more news, but it isn't at the top of our agenda."

Barring something unforeseen, it would seem that the Dinger Machine will remain in place for at least another season.

Consider that a win for Marlins fans who won't see many other familiar sights when they look toward the outfield. 

CBS Sports Staff

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