The Oakland Athletics' Oakland Coliseum, as it stands, does not provide the most enjoyable ballpark experience. The Athletics, fresh off a playoff berth, are trying to change that. The team has proposed a completely new park that would be a total 180 from the current disaster, with tons of amenities to boot.

Baseball has kind of fallen behind the NFL and NBA in its architecture, instead relying on the storied history of its ballparks. This trend is changing, with parks like Petco Park and PNC Park being among the best experiences in the sport. The Athletics are looking to take it to another level with the Coliseum. Take a look at a proposed redesign that would befit the Bay Area's exuberant expectations:

The neighborhood idea is particularly interesting. It fits into what people like about parks like Wrigley Field and PNC Park. It's like the ballpark is its own little hub. Even Petco incorporates some of those elements. As for The Coliseum itself, the Athletics want to tear it down and make an amphitheater out of it. It would be in sight of Oracle Arena, which would be used for a myriad of events after the Warriors move to the Chase Center.

The main draw of this plan is the "jewel box" ballpark, however. The team wants to build it completely privately, but The Coliseum's site is essential to bring that plan to fruition.

It's certainly ambitious, but it would also root the Athletics in Oakland for the long haul. The realism of the plan will be determined by the fates of The Coliseum and Oracle Arena. But if they can pull it off, the Athletics could end up with one of the elite fan experiences in MLB.