One exec on big trade: 'I hope it works for both of them'

Rather than try to figure out who did better in the big Royals-Rays trade on Sunday night, one National League executive had an interesting wish.

"I hope it works out for both of them," the exec said Monday.

His reasoning: This was a true talent-for-talent trade, one that many general managers now seem hesitant to make. If this one works for both the Royals and the Rays, perhaps that will encourage other teams to be more open to making similar deals in the future.

Various scouts and executives said they could easily understand both sides of the trade, which sent pitchers James Shields and Wade Davis to the Royals in exchange for a four-prospect package headed by outfielder Wil Myers. Most believed the Rays got more raw talent but that Shields would turn the Royals into a possible American League Central contender.

"It was a good deal for Kansas City, and it was great for Tampa Bay," one American League executive said.

The Royals needed a top pitcher, and they found one. The Rays needed to trade a pitcher who was becoming expensive and needed to add a young, cheap, controllable hitter. They found one.

There's no reason it can't work out for both teams.

And maybe it will.

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