The Baltimore Orioles are entering a make-or-break season, with franchise cornerstone Manny Machado among those slated to hit free agency afterward. On Monday, however, the Orioles provided reason to think they'll be adding fans no matter how the season goes.

That's because the Orioles will be permitting children younger than nine to attend games for free when their parents purchase upper-deck seats as part of their "Kids Cheer Free" initiative. Here's how the program works, per ESPN:

Every parent who buys a regularly priced upper-deck seat can get two free tickets in the upper deck for their kids.

Because baseball is considered both a regional sport and the one that least appeals to the youth, this could be a wise move for the Orioles. Worst case, they developing a few additional lifetime fans. Best case, the move is a hit and gets mimicked by other teams, helping to spread the game and shift baseball's demographics.

When you think about it, there's only upside here. Kudos to the Orioles.