Orioles' Kevin Gausman to wear No. 34 to honor fellow Colorado native Roy Halladay

Orioles pitcher Kevin Gausman is making a change to honor Roy Halladay next season. The righty, who wore No. 37 last year, is changing to No. 34 in honor of the fellow Colorado native. Gausman released a tweet about the change, in which he said that he intended to honor Halladay "both on and off the field."

Gausman said that he felt a bond with Halladay due to the rarity of MLB players being born in Colorado. He also said that in spite of the tragedy of losing a player and, indeed, a person like Halladay, he counted himself as lucky to have seen what Halladay did. Less than 100 players have hailed from Colorado, so Gausman said that he felt a sort of bond (a "fraternity" as he called it) with Halladay.

It will be a somber beginning of the season for Major League Baseball this year, that much is inevitable. However, Gausman seems to want to focus on the positives surrounding Halladay -- specifically celebrating his achievements. Donning someone's number is a small gesture, but it indicates the utmost respect. That respect is something that Halladay commanded to everyone that watched him on and off the field.

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