The Baltimore Orioles entered play on Thursday against the Boston Red Sox with a pitiful 13-29 record, "good" for last place in the American League East. Predictably, the Orioles lost against the Red Sox, because obviously. David Price threw his first complete game in nearly two years and Baltimore avoided a shutout but by the grace of Manny Machado's wicked bat.

The non-Machado highlight of the night from the Orioles' perspective may have been contained within a Red Sox highlight. Xander Bogaerts hit a three-run home run against Kevin Gausman in the sixth inning to put Boston up by a 6-0 score. Bogaerts rounded the bases like normal, and that's when things got funky. Take a look:

For those who weren't paying enough attention to spot the weirdness, here's a helpful screencap:


Yes, that's manager Buck Showalter stamping toward the mound to remove Gausman before Bogaerts has finished his trot. No, it's not immediately clear if a manager has ever done this before. Yes, it is clear that Showalter is entirely fed up and over this whole mess of a season.

As a reminder, Showalter is contractually obligated to manage the Orioles for 119 more games.