Orioles first baseman Chris Davis made history last month, as most of the baseball world knows. We certainly covered the story enough for it to spread. I make no apologies for that coverage, I should note. It was newsworthy. Davis went without a hit for an MLB record 54 at-bats from September 14 until April 13

By the same token, I like positive things. I admittedly cringe when we have to cover things like Davis' streak of futility because I'm ultimately a people person and like seeing people happy. On that note, let's do this! 

Chris Davis has been really hot since he finally broke through. 

In his last 13 games, including a big April 13th breakthrough, Davis is hitting .325/.357/.625. After going 54 at-bats without a hit, Davis has 13 hits in his last 40 at-bats. During that time, he has three doubles and three homers. He's also driven home 11 runs. 

In this last 13 games, Davis started and played a full game 10 times. He's had at least one hit in seven of them and has had four multi-hit games. 

Obviously, the season-long line doesn't look too enticing, but he had dug himself quite the hole before April 13. Since getting off the ol' schneid, though, Mr. Davis has been a very effective hitter. Give the man his credit on this front.