Oswalt will throw for at least four teams, aims to be on big-league mound June 15

Accomplished righthander Roy Oswalt, who dabbled in free agency in the winter, is back again throwing for teams and considering where to go. He hopes to be on a big-league mound by about June 15, sources say.

But allegedly there's one big change in his search now: geography doesn't count as much now.

Sources confirm Oswalt has thrown for the Red Sox and Phillies, as @Ken_Rosenthal reported, and that he also has at least two more teams on his throwing schedule. The Yankees are not one of the teams, sources say.

Originally it appeared Oswalt wanted most to pitch for the Rangers and Cardinals, but he is now said to be open to other teams. He is also said to prioritize winning and showcasing now.

In the winter, Oswalt turned down an offer of about $10 million from the Tigers just before they signed Prince Fielder, as CBSSports.com first reported. The Red Sox had offered a deal for something in the $5-to-7-million range, as well.

Boston's big worry this year is its rotation. Detroit has considered adding a starter, as well. The Phillies' rotation has not been their issue, but righthanded starter Vance Worley just went on the disabled list.

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