MLB: St. Louis Cardinals at Miami Marlins

As Major League Baseball cracks down on the use of foreign substances and "sticky stuff" on the field of play, Minnesota Twins infielder Josh Donaldson has had no problem calling players out. Donaldson, the AL MVP in 2015 and a three-time All-Star, has launched his own personal crusade against sticky substance users, with his latest target being Chicago White Sox pitcher Lucas Giolito.

During Tuesday's game between the Twins and the White Sox, Donaldson instigated a war of words with Giolito, exclaiming "Hand's not sticky anymore!" after hitting a home run off him in the first inning. He then accused Giolito of being a cheater again in his post-game press conference.

"Guess what, Mr. Giolito? Your fastball spin rate's down 200. Your curveball spin rate's down 4 or 500. Your slider's down 200. So look, if we're gonna talk about class, what side are you gonna choose?," Donaldson said. "Are you gonna take the side of someone who's playing the game fair, or are you gonna take the side of somebody that was probably cheating before this happened?"

White Sox loyalists took umbrage with Donaldson's comments, including former White Sox All-Star and manager, Ozzie Guillén. Speaking on NBC Sports Chicago, Guillén unloaded on Donaldson.

"Yes, I didn't get paid, you was a better player than me. But you never will have one of this," Guillén said, before presenting one of his World Series rings to the camera. "I've got three of them, papi. Three. And you should be ashamed of yourself, make all that money. The Minnesota Twins bring up you to win, and they getting worse and worse with you.

"See you later. Good luck brother, still making you money. And you know what your next career will be? WWE. They be waiting for you, papi. That's pretty soon."

Guillén was far from the only White Sox loyalist to not let Donaldson's remarks slide. Speaking for himself, Giolito responded by calling Donaldson a "[expletive] pest" after his home run stunt.

"That's kind of a classless move. If you're gonna talk [expletive], talk [expletive] to my face," Giolito said. "You can go across home plate and do all that. Just come to me. It's just annoying, man. I don't really have much else to say other than that ... We won, the W's next to my name. They're in last place."