Padres fans vs. umpire in battle of bubble gum

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Over at Lobshots, we hear a rumor of war. Said war principally involves a subset of Padres fans and a certain umpire who insists on befouling the Petco Park playing surface with his discarded bubble gum.

To recount, the accused, umpire Jordan Baker, is alleged to have thrown -- quite possibly with a sidearm delivery -- a piece of his chewed gum -- quite possibly Hubba Bubba -- onto the Petco outfield grass after almost every half inning of Friday's 17-inning colossus of a ballgame.

The harrowing photographic evidence, again courtesy of Lobshots ...

Gum -- malodorous umpire gum -- is what you see there!

Eventually, fans in those outfield seats began to take notice and let Mr. Baker know that he was something less than a gentleman's gentleman. Witness this action-news video from the front lines ...

I do believe that particular gum-toss can be characterized as being defiantly aimed toward the fans' general vicinity, perhaps with the intent of doing bodily harm. Casus belli is what that is!

In any event, I urge you to read Lobshots' chronicle of the entire affair. It will come as no surprise to the baseball-controversy enthusiast that Angel Hernandez, a.k.a. America's Good BuddyTM, plays a supporting role.

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