Padres giving season tickets to fans who hit a homer at Petco Park

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Even after the walls were brought in last season, Petco Park in San Diego is still one of the stingiest home run ballparks in all of baseball. The park factors at FanGraphs say the building suppressed homers by roughly 11 percent before the walls came in, the highest percentage in baseball.

The creative folks in the team's marketing department came up with a neat promotion built around the park's unfriendly dimensions. Simply put: hit a home run and you get a pair of season tickets.

Here are the particulars:

Register for one of five time slots for Saturday, March 15. That is the day you'll get your chance to hit a homer.
You get to take one swing against a maximum of two pitches from a pitching machine. If don't swing at either pitch, your turn is over.
Participants must be at least 16 years of age. Professional or Division I collegiate experience is not allowed, so this is for novices only.

Simple, right? Show up, take a swing, and possibly win two season tickets. You've got two weeks and a little more than a day to prepare, so hit those batting cages. And the weight room. It is Petco, after all.

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