Padres' Ian Kinsler says he wasn't cursing at home fans during expletive-filled home run trot

Ian Kinsler may have let loose after his go-ahead, three-run home run against the Pittsburgh Pirates on Thursday night, but the expletives cameras caught him yelling as he rounded the bases weren't directed at San Diego Padres fans.

At least that's what Kinsler said following Thursday's game, in which the veteran infielder turned in one of his best performances of an otherwise underwhelming season. Before crossing home plate, he shouted certain expletives while gesturing toward the home crowd.

"No," the 36-year-old told reporters when asked if his comments were directed at his own team's fans. "I'm trying to get my guys fired up... I'm a passionate player, it's a big moment, I'm trying to get my guys going. We have all kinds of inside jokes and stuff that we have. We're together every day, and we've been together for three months. I'm trying to get my guys going."

Anyone watching the Padres-Pirates game could've been mistaken. Kinsler sure looked as if he was barking at the crowd after the home run. Padres fans have grown frustrated with the former Texas Rangers of late, which is not helped by his sub-.200 batting average.

They aren't the only ones upset, though. The big celebration stemmed from Kinsler's own frustration with himself, the infielder explained.

"I'm telling you, I've been frustrated," he said. "I've been frustrated with the way I've been playing, and I want to contribute. That one felt good ... I've been struggling. To finally come up with a big hit like that, I was fired up."

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