We know about the racing sausages in Milwaukee and racing presidents in D.C., and now it's time to add perhaps the best race in MLB to the list: The Anchorman race in San Diego. 

The Padres, in collaboration with Paramount pictures and the actors from "Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy," have created the Anchorman race. So great. As fans of the movie know, it's set in San Diego and we'll just let it so unsaid what Ron thinks the name of the city means. 

We've got Ron Burgundy himself, sports anchor Champ Kind, field reporter Brian Fantana and weatherman Brick Tamland. The inaugural race: 

Ron definitely had to win the first one. It feels like there's potential for a long drought for Brick here, no? It would be cool to mix in him getting distracted easily by nondescript things, too. 

Per the Padres, this race won't be every single home game. It will "primarily take place on the weekends and special games."

This is all well and good and I love the idea, but where is Veronica Corningstone? Maybe after Brick has gone 0 for something like three years, Veronica appears to take out the rest of the field and free Brick? That's the direction if I'm in charge, but she has to make an appearance at some point, even if Champ might have some thoughts about it