The San Diego Padres faced a serious issue on Mother's Day. The team's was challenged by Budweiser to change its Twitter handle from @Padres to change @Madres. In return, Budweiser promised to do something for Padres fans at the next game at Petco Park.

The Padres obliged, but as a result it lost the @Padres handle in the time it wasn't using it.

There were definitely things they could have done better. For those who don't know, "padre" is Spanish for father while "madre" is Spanish for mother. If you want to be really pedantic about it, Mother's Day is celebrated on the first Sunday of May in many Spanish-speaking countries, whereas in Mexico it's celebrated on May 10. Of course, San Diego is in the U.S., but if you're going to switch handles, you really have to make a burner with that handle as soon as you do. The team found that out the hard way.

The Padres have their original handle back, but moving forward a simple name change will have to suffice. In the meantime, Budweiser will have to continue to try to sabotage teams' social media presences in other ways.