Padres’ Wil Myers apologizes to manager Andy Green after ripping him on 'Fortnite' stream

"Fortnite" has struck again. The wildly popular game is streamed by a lot of athletes, including NBA stars like Karl-Anthony Towns and Ben Simmons, but Padres outfielder-turned-third baseman Wil Myers slipped up two weeks ago when he was caught on a stream he seemingly didn't know he was on criticizing manager Andy Green for the way he's pushing the team late in the season. Maybe this is why NHL teams view the game as a hazard.

"The Padres are doing cutoff and relays tomorrow at 3 o'clock -- in September, dude," Myers said on Triple-A El Paso's Carlos Asuaje's stream. "Oh my god. It's so miserable, man. It's insane. Andy could not be any worse than he is right now."

Asuaje stepped in at this point to cut Myers off. "Dude," he said. "I'm streaming this."  

Myers was deeply apologetic for the comments.

"I love Andy, and I love playing for him," he said, per "He's a guy that has taught me a lot in this game. At times, you get into a mood where you get frustrated, no matter what's going on with a team or individually, and you say some things you shouldn't say in a conversation that you think's private. The reality is, now we're in 2018. ... I'm incredibly sorry, obviously to Andy, to my teammates, to the fans. This is a distraction we don't need."

Distractions aren't really an issue for the Padres at this point. They have the worst record in the National League at 55-85, but Green is determined not to let the season get any worse with a sideshow. He also took note of the fact that the year is, in fact, 2018.

"There were no excuses," he said, via "There was just ownership and an apology. There was, on my end, an understanding I've done the same thing to my boss at some point in time in my life. It just wasn't 2018, where everything's recorded or streamed live.

"For us, we're pretty determined to create some accountability and standards, and sometimes that asks for certain drills to be done at certain times of the year, even if it's not pleasant or fun or normal to do them at that time of year."

Myers, however, isn't letting himself off the hook.

"I can't say those types of things, even if it is in private," he said. "Obviously, I'm terribly sorry about it. You can't complain about drills, especially when you're trying to get better. It was not even necessarily about the drill or Andy himself. That was just coming off being swept in L.A., and there was some frustration there."

Clearly, his remorse was sufficient. "He came in immediately today, apologized, took ownership, and at the end of the day, I love Wil," Green said. "Wil's worked incredibly hard to learn how to play third base. He's putting in work. He's not afraid of the work.

Myers won Rookie of the Year with the Tampa Bay Rays in 2013 before joining the Padres in 2015. He was an All-Star in 2016.  This year, he's batting .252, but his 10 home runs are a far cry from the 30 he hit last season. He's struggled to acclimate to third base, but it isn't called The Hot Corner because it's easy to slot a player into.

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