PANDERING: Boston mayoral candidates predict the World Series

Those who would be mayor of Boston have some thoughts on this matter. (USATSI)
Those who would be mayor of Boston have some thoughts on this matter. (USATSI)

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Regarding the current mayor of Boston, Hizzoner Thomas Menino has already uttered a prayer that the Red Sox will triumph over the Cardinals and lay glorious claim to "the World Series Cup."

Menino, though, won't occupy his lofty perch for much longer, as he's decided against seeking a sixth term as mayor of Beantown. As for those who aspire to replace him -- Marty Walsh and John Connolly -- a recent debate concluded with their thoughts on the hometown nine and the task before them. Courtesy of Andrew Ryan of the Boston Globe, here's their Fall Classic soothsaying, tailored for the approval of the Sox rooter ...

“Come on, I’m playing to the voters here,” Connolly said. “We’re going to sweep.”

Walsh, who wore a Red Sox tie to the debate, had an answer ready.

“Sox in six,” Wash said. “And we’re going to have six extra innings games. So John and myself that have these early mornings will have to stay up until 2 in the morning watching these games. We’ll get about three hours of sleep.”

Points to Connolly for some measure of self-awareness. Points off for Walsh for not bellowing a retort of "OH YEAH? SAWX IN THREE, JACKASS!" and instead suggesting that the Fall Classic will not only be hotly contested but also marathon in length.

Six extra-inning games! That kind of "faith" in the Sox -- faith as soft as an un-sheared lamb on shag carpeting and covered in puppies made of goose-down -- won't appeal to the flinty undecideds of Boston. It also won't appeal to any voting baseball writers out there who are tasked with covering the contests to come. Six extra-inning games? You'd curry more favor by wishing a raw-foods-only press box spread upon them. 

Then again, Walsh wore a Red Sox tie. So there.

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