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The Phillies beat the Nationals, 12-6, Sunday afternoon in Philly's Citizen Bank Park. Brad Miller and J.T. Realmuto homered for the home team and the Phillies took two of three in the series to move back to within two games of .500. The loss sends the Nats back into a last-place tie at 24-32 in the National League East. 

The best highlight of the game happened in the top of the eighth and didn't involve any players, though. With Trea Turner at the plate for the Nats, the protective net behind home plate suddenly collapsed. 

I'll echo Phillies color man John Kruk in saying I've never seen that before. The delay would last for a touch over 20 minutes as everyone -- grounds crew members, players, fans, etc. -- tried to see if they could get that net back up. A four-wheeler was involved at one point: 

Everyone pitched in! 

You can't beat fun at the ol' ballpark. 

One of the many reasons we love this sport is you'll often see something you've never seen before. The home-plate net was the star of the show Sunday in Philadelphia. Sure, the delay tacked a bunch more time onto an already-long game, but the fans in attendance have an ageless story now.