On Thursday, Philadelphia Phillies outfielder Bryce Harper joined Reiter's Block on CBS Sports HQ on behalf of Acuvue Oasys to discuss -- among other items -- his thoughts on manager Gabe Kapler's performance this season. 

Harper, who tends to cause others to lose their perspective, offered a reasonable analysis when host Bill Reiter inquired about his thoughts on his manager. Here's part of what Harper said:

"Gabe Kapler's done a great job for us this year. He's really [invested] in what we do and how we do as a team and as a franchise, and he really cares about his players, and he really cares about the organization, he really cares about the city."


"Being able to press the buttons that he's been able to press and be where we're at right now … I think he's done a good job."

Harper noted that the Phillies suffered through a lot of injuries this season, especially within the bullpen and, of course, to outfielder Andrew McCutchen. Indeed, the Phillies entered Thursday having lost the fourth-most days to injury of all big-league teams this year, per Spotrac.

Nonetheless, Harper did say that he would respect management's decision if they were to make a change in the dugout, and that he always has to be prepared to discuss these matters with the higher-ups, given he's someone who is signed to a 13-year contract. 

Is any of the above too surprising? Not really, but for as bad as the past week-plus has been for Kapler, at least he doesn't have to worry about one of his stars throwing him under the bus -- not yet, anyway. 

Kapler, in his second year as manager, has missed the playoffs in both of his seasons in Philadelphia. His team entered play Thursday with a 79-79 record. The Phillies were officially eliminated from contention earlier in the week.