PHOTO: 'Anchorman' inspired Gene Tenace T-shirt

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The day has finally come where I can do a post about Anchorman in a baseball blog. I'm almost giddy as I sit here in my home that reeks of rich mahogany amongst my many leatherbound books.

Anyway, the baseball blog Bugs and Cranks has come up with the following T-shirt:

And this isn't a tease, they are actually selling the shirts. Here's the info, again, via Bugs and Cranks:

Our shirt features a screened image of Tenace himself, and comes in those all kinds of special brown and gold Pads colors from the ’70s, hot off of the Forward Fabrics press. There can be no mistaking that our shirt refers to three things – Anchorman, Gene Tenace and awesome — and is sure to secure more than a few “Dude! Where. Did. You. Get. That’s?” wherever you should choose to rock it. Trust me, people know us. You will not immediately regret this decision. Ever.

Each shirt runs just $20 (with an additional $2 for 2X and 3X’s), and payments can be sent to on PayPal.

If you haven't seen Anchorman, first of all, we can't be friends (and judging from how nice so many of you are in the comments section, I know that has to sting). Secondly, here's the pertinent clip, starring the immortal Champ Kind.

The movie is set in San Diego in the late 1970s, and Tenace played for the Padres from 1977-80, clouting 68 Whammies.

Well done, Bugs and Cranks.

Now bring on Anchorman 2!

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